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Access to and guidance from marketing subject matter experts

Savoir faire’s

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Access to and guidance from marketing subject matter experts

Are you one of the legion of small business owners and solopreneurs who gets overwhelmed by marketing and communications needs? 

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you don’t know how to take the next step. Maybe you can’t figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

I want to help.

My name is Stephanie McLaughlin and I am the principal of Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications. Savoir Faire works with our clients to develop appropriate solutions to their most perplexing marketing problems. But not everyone needs (or can afford) the full-meal deal.

In the past year, I had the opportunity to support more than two dozen small and independent business owners with their marketing and I absolutely loved the experience so I created a program that’s accessible for small business owners and managers, while also being manageable for me and respectful of Savoir Faire’s clients.

In this program, you get direct, 1:1 access to me (bio here, LinkedIn here, should you be interested) to work through your marketing challenges. We do this through personalized marketing coaching and consulting sessions that take place in individual Microsoft Teams meetings. Consider me your marketing coach or executive sounding board.

Let’s talk through YOUR most perplexing marketing problems and figure out your best next step.

(Access to other Savoir Faire subject matter experts may be available if necessary.)

After 16 years at the helm of Savoir Faire (and another 15 before that in media, marketing and PR roles) I am able to examine your goals/intentions and provide feedback on your existing marketing tools. My favorite work is uncovering a company’s “soul” and figuring out how to use that to attract the audiences that count most toward that business’s success. That’s the good stuff. ♥

Use this time to:

Audit your website for effectiveness in messaging, design and user experience

Review website optimization and identify areas for improvement

Recognize and work through marketing pain points

Review your social media usage and create a manageable plan for using it effectively

Identify business goals and the marketing tactics that are best suited for achieving them

Understand your audiences and develop relevant messaging for reaching them

Develop a lead generation strategy

Create an editorial calendar and strategy for producing content consistently

Explore different content types (blog, podcast, video, email) and how they could work for you

Develop a consistent email marketing program

Review your branding and any print materials

Work with me on:

  • Marketing strategy & tactics
  • Website
  • Email marketing
  • Content development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding & using analytics
  • Lead generation using content + website
  • Marketing automation and/or CRM
  • Workflows or email sequences
  • Social media
  • Print materials
  • Direct Mail


This program can be purchased at three levels and is renewable. 










Time is charged in real-time increments.
I’m happy to answer your questions and help you determine whether this program would be a good fit for you. Send me your questions, concerns or tell me what keeps you up at night

Mutual Understanding

This program is intended to be a collaborative effort and to provide support to you as you implement and/or add sophistication to your marketing program. I will work with you to implement selected discrete marketing tasks. This is not intended to be used as ongoing marketing support, though I’m happy to discuss that if you’d like.

Meetings will be scheduled no more frequently than weekly. 

Major requests that require strategy and campaign development can potentially be absorbed by this agreement but will be quoted and estimated prior to work commencing. 

You will receive notifications when 50% and 80% of your allotted time has been used, as well as when it’s time to renew.  

You will receive quarterly reports on utilization of the program, which will include an overview of time used and projects completed or in progress.  

It is my intention that, regardless of level, this program will be used within approximately a year and not extend indefinitely. As such, hours purchased will expire after nine consecutive months with no project requests.


(Or even a little curious?)

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I love figuring out what makes a business tick. And I love meeting professionals who have a passion for their work. Fill out the form below and I’ll show you how easy, painless, unintimidating and not-scary it can be!

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